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OPSIS - Εγκαταστάσεις

By founding the OPSIS company in 1989, Mr. Savidis Panayotis created the first Greek enterprise in the area of producing and trading of plastic and metallic parts of mini rolls and garage doors.

At the beginning, the OPSIS company cooperated with other businesses within Greece. The superb collaboration with its clients and suppliers though, was one basic reason for becoming renowned throughout the rest of Europe. And this is why its activities expanded in countries outside Greece.

Mr. P. Savidis's long experience and knowledge, as well as his personal dynamism, helped the pioneering of his company in producing and trading a new series of plastic and metallic parts of mini rolls and garage doors. Today this enterprise is distinguished for being the only one in Greece to dispose a full and complete line of the necessary parts, of top-quality of materials in affordable prices.

Our goal here in OPSIS is to have a harmonious collaboration with our existing and potential clients, as well as maintaining the highest quality of our products. Our characteristic is the superb “know how” regarding the quality and functionality, the versatility and constant keeping up with the needs of our clients for the timely optimization of its products.

On the other hand, our goal is also to be able to maintain concrete timelines together by avoiding any defectiveness in our products. In other words, to be consistent in succeeding a top-quality result in every aspect.

More than that, it is the “philosophy” of the OPSIS company “A collegiate environment for an excellent collaboration and satisfied customers (coworkers)” that is a challenge for anyone to get to know us closely.

Furthermore, we should underline the fact that the reliability of our company, which is already highly esteemed, is also due to the harmonious relationship and collaboration among members of our highly trained personnel, no matter if they work in production, storage, trading or accounting offices. This, there is no doubt about it, is what provides versatility, speed and effectiveness in results.

The OPSIS company is based in Makrygialos, Greece, on the 20th km of the old highway (national road) Katerini - Thessaloniki, in a fully proprietary settlement, and awaits you to visit it!